Monday, October 30, 2006


Thanks to 50 billion hours on Amtrak this weekend (see my blog for the sad sad details) Maude is finished. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to fling the "wings" across my shoulders and strut down the hallways at work. I feel like a superstar, or at least a very important person. How can you not when you're wearing something so pretty?
I photographed Courtney in Rittenhouse Square, and my friend and I attempted to capture Love park with this Maude. Unfortunately, the sun and shadows weren't exactly cooperating - so I ditched the atmosphere, and just tried to get the best shots that I could of dear sweet Maude.
So, hopefully everyone's Maude is coming along - I just loved loved loved the rhythm of the pattern. Bringing the yarn all the way forward before doing the yarn over really made the motion almost musical, and this was a very soothing knit.

While I still regret the loss of those burgundy/maroon/berry skeins that slipped through my fingers, I'm very happy with this blue - which also has maroon, and berry, and green thrown in for typical Koigu measure.
I hope everyone is as happy with their finished Maudes - yes, get finishing because you need this in your fall/winter wardrobe! (that means you too Knitty D!!!).

The short rows at the point were a bit scary, but just follow the directions, and I promise all will be well. And, again, on the second half of the chart, the errata from the first half of the chart holds true as well (row 2 is row 1, row 1 is row 2). I had 107 stitches in the bias section, and everything worked out fine. And, I am so glad that I ripped out that dreaded mistake - my Maude is near perfect, the way she should be!

So, next on my plate . . . um, test knitting Courtney's new pattern - more info soon!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I started Maude and I love the rythmn of the pattern. I don't even have to look at the pattern any more (especially the lace edge). The only problem I'm having is the needles. I don't have pointy enough wood needles and the yarn slips too much on my metal needles (KP Options). I'm using the Options needles because of the points.

Are we the only three knitting this?

Edited to include photo - 10/22/06

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I have this friend Maude...

She's very pretty but doesn't photograph well.

Hello! I started Maude back in September. Then screwed it up. Now I am happily rolling along and I have about 89 stitches between the 2 markers. I am doing it in Koigu P142 I think and I can't take a decent picture of her to save my life. This pattern is really great. I love the way the stitches really show off the colors-of course you can't tell by this picture, believe it or not it was one of the best.

In fact, I probably would have been even farther along if I didn't stop to stretch it out to see the colors so often.

Now I have to find somewhere else to live, I am pretty sure my neighbor just saw me kneeling on my kitchen table taking a picture of knitting.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Almost ready to start

I bought my yarn today (bad knitter! I should be saving for Rhinebeck!) and it's stunning. I didn't get Koigu because I live in the land of "We don't have Koigu. It takes 9 months to get it so we won't stock it". UGGGGHHHHH!!!

After much internal debate I went to the LYS that has ONE CUBBY HOLE of Koigu to try my luck. I stumbled into a Great Adirondack Yarn Co. trunk show and, well, I bought. We calculated the yardage and I have enough to make a really HUGE Maude if I want to. Here is the yarn. I love it.

Now the pattern can't get to me fast enough!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Welcome to the Maude-A-Long!!!

Get Your Knit On, ladies and gents, it's time for Maude.

I love Maude. Courtney, of Smith Island Pattern Factory designed Maude after the death of her beloved beast, Quentin, and Maude is truly a comfort in every way. The stitch pattern doesn't require too much thought, and there's something sing-songy about it - it's hard to describe. The first set of directions suggest that you do your yarnovers by bringing the yarn completely in front of your work as if to purl -- while it's essentially the same thing as the yarnover I normally do, the motion is very different - kind of like seed stitch, but more fluid, very relaxing. The back forth motion is much like rocking - so cozy up in your favorite rocking chair, put your feet up and get your sticks out - it's time to knit Maude.

To avoid a typical Wendy situation - yes, we all know - Fast and Wrong - swatching is a must. Maude is a rather large shawl, but it's really just the right size - the ends, much like wings, envelope you - and you don't want them to be too much smaller. And, you certainly don't want this to be any bigger - there's no need to knit a beadspread. So, to get started swatching - cast on 2 stitches. On the next row, increase into both stitches for four stitches. Then begin your ssk, yo bias stitch pattern.

When you're ready to begin, following the set-up rows, there's a bit of typo in the pattern - don't panic - it's totally not a big deal. When the set up rows are done, the right side row is the row starting with the 2 stitches that form the border, not the stitches on the other end, which are the lace edging chart. So, upon finishing the set up rows, the very next row is your right side row - and the right side row, in the bias stitch pattern begins with ssk, yo to the last 2 stitches, yo, k2. And that's it! Keep knitting!

Tomorrow (well, it's Friday, maybe not tomorrow), but at some point over the weekend I'll post a little picture tutorial of getting started.

You are going to love this pattern!!!