Sunday, October 08, 2006

I have this friend Maude...

She's very pretty but doesn't photograph well.

Hello! I started Maude back in September. Then screwed it up. Now I am happily rolling along and I have about 89 stitches between the 2 markers. I am doing it in Koigu P142 I think and I can't take a decent picture of her to save my life. This pattern is really great. I love the way the stitches really show off the colors-of course you can't tell by this picture, believe it or not it was one of the best.

In fact, I probably would have been even farther along if I didn't stop to stretch it out to see the colors so often.

Now I have to find somewhere else to live, I am pretty sure my neighbor just saw me kneeling on my kitchen table taking a picture of knitting.



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