Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Off I go again

I haven't posted a photo up to now because I've had so many false starts with this project. I cast on the beginning 15 rows 4 times. It's not the pattern's fault. The first time I lost a yarn over. Second time I was interrupted halfway down a row and completely lost where I was. Third time I forgot which row I was on (got a row counter after that). Fourth time I just didn't like how it was sitting. But now I have finished the set up and one full repeat of the edging rows. The rhythm of the pattern has clicked in my head too. I really like how it's looking. The flecks of color in the Yorkshire Tweed dart in and out of the lace but you can't capture it on film. BTW - I would have done this in Koigu but it's almost impossible to find in Boston!


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